As part of our pre-show interviews, I have interviewed Jill Lublin whose Influencer Marketing Days 2017 session will be help influencers learn how to “stand out, be heard, and be seen like never before.” Below you may see her answers to my questions.

Question: In a few words, could you please tell the IMD’s community about yourself and what you do?

Jill: I am an international speaker on the topics of Radical Influence, Publicity, Networking, Kindness, and Referrals. I am the author of 4 bestselling books including Get Noticed… Get Referrals, Guerrilla Publicity, Networking Magic and the latest publication, The Profit of Kindness. I am excited to share my 20 years’ experience in “Radical Influence” strategies at Influencer Marketing Days.

Question: Influencer marketing has been around for a few years and has already had its share of ups and downs. What are the biggest challenges that you see it face now?

Jill: It always comes down to standing out! Visibility alongside influence is the key.

Question: How can marketers overcome these?

Jill: It is important to keep marketing as an essential and ongoing part of weekly focus. You must have replicatable strategies in place.

Question: What, in your opinion, is the biggest advantage of (doing) influencer marketing?

Jill: People will know your name. Relationships are cemented and trust is built more quickly.

Question: When operating on a tight budget, but wanting to hop on the influencer marketing bandwagon, where would you recommend a company to focus their efforts, how, and why?

Jill: Of course, guerrilla publicity – which gives immediate focus to the activities which provide big results using little to no budget.

Question: On September 26, 2017 you’re speaking at Influencer Marketing Days. Why should marketers want attend your session?

Jill: I will give attendees quick easy solutions to their marketing issues with simple yet powerful strategies they can implement immediately in order to see results.

Question: If you were to give one influencer marketing advice to brands/advertisers, and one to influencers, what would they be?

Jill: For advertisers – create a memorable recognition activity or slogan. For influencers – be consistent and persistent on your marketing so that people remember your name! You might get bored with it but your audience is just catching on!!

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